Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Theo Terwel, and for more than twentyfive years my work is my hobby, restoring and painting BMW motorcycles. Because I worked as a painter and panel beater in a body shop, I painted and pin stripped the motorcycles myself. Since 21 years I have my own body shop. In the past seven years there was a great demand of painting and pin striping motorcycles. It is since then that I have specialized myself in painting and pin striping of BMW motorcycles. Our customers are from The Netherlands and far beyond. Together with two enthusiastic employees we try to paint and pin stripe the motorcycle parts (like fuel tanks, mudguards, etc.) as in the original state. With the original state I mean that most of the metallic colours we use are original BMW paint. The pin striping is done by hand with a pencil with the original pin striping paint.

We are not only painting  BMW Motorcycles. Other brands are welcome.
 Examples of our work


You can find us here:
Motorspuiterij Theo Terwel
Industrieweg 19
7251 JT Vorden
Telefon (0031) 0575 - 552532


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Restauration R68
BMW R90S Daytona
BMW R90S Silberrauch
Other brands
Every year we organise with great succes a R90S-Meeting.
Meeting 2002
Meeting 2003
Meeting 2004
Meeting 2005
Meeting 2006
Meeting 2007
Meeting 2010

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